Real Estate Market Data in Thailand

Developers, Investors, and financial institutes need to access real estate market data to analyze the situation thoroughly before launching their business plan. Agency for Real Estate Affairs has been surveying the residential market in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR) since 1991. With access to over 30 years of data on real estate valuation and research, AREA is the largest real estate information center in Thailand. AREA presented a Real Estate Index Report half-yearly which includes an overall assessment of housing markets (approximately 1,000 active projects per year) and a monthly report presenting information and analysis of newly launched projects. The report was conducted by our on-site surveyors as we believe that will give us the most accurate information.

Details of Real Estate Index (REI Report)

REI Report includes information of 4 real estate industry which are

  1. Residential real estate such as a detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, and land in the housing projects.

  2. Commercial real estate such as office building, mall, and mini-office

  3. Industrial real estate such as industrial district and mini-factory

  4. Leisure real estate such as resort, farm, and golf field.

The report covers nation-wide information however, the on-site survey is mostly conducted around the BMR (9 provinces which are Bangkok Metropolitan Region and part of Ayutthaya, Nakhorn Nayok, and Chachernsao) which account of 70% of the real estate projects in Thailand. Our team collects information on active projects and newly launched projects for every half-year presentation.

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