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AREA Research Co.,Ltd. is founded in 2020 by Agency for Real Estate Affairs Co., Ltd. (AREA) the largest real estate information center in Thailand which has been operated since 1991. With an access to over 30 years of data on real estate valuation and research, our mission is to develop real estate analytics solution and provide professional real estate consultants.

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Our services

Business Plan
Market Analysis

Get Valuable insight on real estate markets in an area of your interest. Our professional research team will conduct on-site market surveys of the specific real estate industry such as condominium, house, hotel, apartment, service-apartment, commercial real estate, and more. The on-site survey will give an accurate analysis of a demand-supply and market segmentation of your chosen real estate industry in a specific area. This in-depth analysis will support the foundation of your real estate development plan.

Feasibility Study

Financial writing and analysis are tailor-made for your business plan by our real estate professional team. The report includes details on a comprehensive plan, building law, budget, business plan, and market insight from the market survey. Prior to real estate development, the report allows you to see possible risks and evaluate your business plan. It gives you a strong foundation to understand whether the project is ‘feasible’ under the local market condition.

Analyzing Graphs
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Real Estate Analytics Platform

Feasy (Feasibility made EASY) is a web-based real estate analytics platform that allows you to explore real estate data, analyze your property, and evaluate the project feasibility easily. You can access public land use data and real estate market data from Agency for Real Estate Affairs., Ltd. from your mobile and laptop. It is easy to evaluate and compare your project feasibility with our calculation on

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